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Offset Smokers

Live fire cooking is the oldest cooking method there is and Workhorse Pits celebrate this age old tradition by bringing you a line of 3/8" thick steel wall offset smokers with 20" or 24" diameters that produce exceptional, consistent results in wood fire cooking.

Workhorse Pits' product designs are guided by science - they trust only science and never make assumptions without scientific support. Building high performance offset smokers that deliver consistent temperatures is so much more than adding a chimney and firebox at either end of a cylinder!

They apply the knowledge and experience of their sister company, Primitive Pits, who provide commercial offset smokers for some of the biggest names in BBQ, including internationally recognised pitmasters, Food and Wine Top Chef of 2019, James Beard nominees, national award-inning chefs, Texas Monthly Top 50 BBQ Joints, and multiple BBQ TV personalities.

Workhorse Pits’ deep investment into computational fluid dynamics guarantees they could deliver an offset to the market that performs outstandingly; they truly understand what needs to happen to produce exceptional BBQ results. 

Hand-crafted in the USA with immense attention to detail and quality, Workhorse Pits offsets burn at plus or minus five degrees (F) across the grates and this goes beyond fabrication knowledge.  This takes critical engineering, precision metallurgy and exact fitting.  

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