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MojoBricks (Compressed Woods)

An amazing way to add smoke flavour to charcoal, pellet, gas, or electric grills and smokers! Consistent moisture content, consistent smoke flavour, consistent easy-to-do results.  If you love it the first time your gonna love it every time there after! It’s as easy as 1.2.3. 

All Mojobricks are earth-friendly.  Made from natural hardwood (no binder, no added chemicals; the polymer is organic) Mojobricks Bar-B-Qubes are concentrated forms of wood for smoke flavour.  Less is more – because it's concentrated you only need a little at a time. You need less space to store it and less time to prepare it!

As used by Winners of the Las Vegas’ World Food Championship and the Jack Daniels International Invitational!

Cooking on high heat for less than 45 minutes: Mojobricks Bar-B-Qubes Minis (8-pack
Cooking low-and-slow, when hours of smoke flavour needed: Mojobricks Bar-B-Qubes (4-pack).

All Mojobricks produce that perfect smokehouse flavour, but we think some are more perfect than others!

Competition Blend for enhancing the flavour of Beef, Poultry, Pork or Lamb
Mapple Blend for Pork, Chicken, Fish, and even Veggies!
Cherry for Beef, Pork, Chicken