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GrillGrates (Heat Amplification)

GrillGrates Turbocharge Pellet Grills!
GrillGrates add up to 200F at the cooking surface. Now you can get killer sear marks from a pellet grill too!

GrillGrates enhance the searing and higher heat capability of pellet grills as they concentrate, amplify and radiate heat.

GrillGrates work best on pellet grills when used on top of an existing surface.
For more information on how GrillGrates work, follow this link to The Science of GrillGrates

Made for Green Mountain Grills
The 16.25" Sear Station is a three-panel set of GrillGrates and is intended for high heat, direct grilling on either the Daniel Boone or Jim Bowie

The 12" Sear Station is a two-panel set of GrillGrates intended for the Davy Crockett.