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G2 Chubby

G2 Chubby
G2 Chubby
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G2 Chubby
The G2 Chubby is a bigger version of the original Chubby. Larger capacity to hold larger cut of meat as well as full size steam pans.
The upgrades from the original Chubby include additional 152mm (6″) of smoker depth, heavy duty wire racks, a new large capacity fire box and a bigger water pan. The optional heat diverter is now a standard feature.
The weight of a G2 Chubby is 73kg (160lbs.)
Outside Dimensions:
D 711mm (28″), plus 64mm (2½″) for the thermometer and latches
H 787mm (31″), plus 89mm (3½”) for stack
W 508mm (20″)
Cooking Chamber Internal Dimensions:
D 584mm (23″)
H 330mm (13″)
W 406mm (16″)
Four x 6mm (¼”) Nickel Plated Steel, 76mm (3”) apart
D 559mm (22″)
W 394mm (15½”)
Standard Features
Removable water pan
Black doors
Heavy gauge racks
25mm (1") Insulation
Heat diverter
1 extra slide for rack height adjustment
Pre-drilled Caster bolt hole pattern on the bottom of the 76mm (3”) feet
Cooking temperature: c. 82C to 179C (180F to 300F)
Amount of charcoal: c. 2.7kg to 4.5kg (6 to 12 lbs.)
Cooking time: c. 8 to 12 hours, depending on cooking temperature
Example Capacity
c. 10 to 12 slabs of baby back ribs, or
c. 4 to 6 briskets, or
c. 4 to 6 Boston butts
Pricing (inc. VAT & UK Delivery*)
Base Price: £1,699.99
Options from Stock:
Casters (x4): 199.99 (adds 152mm/6” to smoker height)
Heavy Duty Cover: £77.99

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