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Cookshack (Electric Smokers)

Smokette Elite, SM025

With Cookshack's Smokette Elite, SM025, professional quality slow-smoked or cold-smoked food is now in reach.  It's the baby brother of Cookshack's SmartSmoker range of commercial smoker ovens.  In fact, more than a few of our restaurant clients have developed their recipes using this little beauty!

So easy to use (just set it and foreget it), its many great features include an electronic temperature controller with a meat probe, and large grills that will hold full slabs of ribs and whole briskets. The compact design is easy to use and smokes consistently delicious ribs, brisket, pork, poultry, vegetables, and more... the limit is your imagination. It can even be adapted for cold-smoking.

With double-walled stainless steel construction, and 454 ºC Spin-Glas® insulation to its sides and top, the Smokette Elite is truly suited to year-round outdoor use.  You can cook in cold weather without adversely affected internal temperatures.  And the top and sides are safe and cool on the outside.

Unlike some electric smokers, you are not tied to an expensive, proprietary wood product.  With the Smokette Elite you can use anything suitable to create fantastic smoke flavours: seasoned lump hardwood, dried citrus peels, herbs, etc.  Just place it in the wood box, the electric cooking element does the rest.

Even if you used American hardwood pellets (e.g. Hickory, Mesquite, Pecan, etc.), these work out at around only 25p per load.  That's 25p for a 14-18 hour cook!  Consider the cost in electric smoker that ties you to their wood products.  If your serious about your smoked food and serious about economy, it's the running costs that matter.

All Cookshack smoker ovens are built in Oklahoma, USA, and like all genuine American-built smokers they are calibrated in Fahrenheit - the temperature used in all the best barbecue recipes!