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BBQ Pellets

A good barbecue pellet will contain zero additives or binders - we don't just sell good BBQ pellets, we sell GREAT BBQ pellets! 

Avoid pellets that don't explicitly state the species of hardwood used; "hardwood" on its own just doesn't do it!

ONLY use food-safe hardwood pellets. Heating pellets are cheaper but may contain bitter softwoods and residues or materials dangerous to health.  

NEVER let hardwood pellets get wet. If exposed to excessive moisture they will expand, degrade, and set like concrete - damaging equipment.

Different hardwoods impart different flavour notes to different foods... rubbed with different spices/herbs and mopped or served with different sauces!  They also burn at different temperatures. If you're after pellets for cooking at higher temperatures, you might want to choose a blend containing oak.

This is why we stock over 15 different types of hardwood pellet.

COOKSHACK pellet blends are commercial grade and can be found in many of the UK's leading BBQ joints.

GMG blends are great value for everyday backyard cooking.

SMOKE RING and LUMBER JACK pellets give you no-nonsense 100% wood flavour, on their own or as part of a mix.

Packaging & Pricing
No Hidden Costs: All pellet prices shown on this site INCLUDE DELIVERY (to most UK Mainland addresses) and VAT.

Because the cost of shipping one bag is to all intents the same that for two or three bags, we do not ship single units.  Consequently, the PRICES shown are for BOXES OF 2x or 3x BAGS.​​​

COOKSHACK and LUMBER JACK BBQ pellets are shipped in BOXES OF 3x 20lb/9.07kg bags (i.e. 60lbs of pellets)

SMOKE RING BBQ pellets are shipped in one BOX of 1x 40lb/18.14kg bag.

GMG pellets are shipped in BOXES of 2x 28lb/12.7kg bags (i.e. 56lbs of pellets).