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Grills, Wood-Burning (Cook-Air)

The Cook-Air grill is probably the most powerful portable grill on the market. And is so easy to use.

Simply ignite an all natural, chemical-free fire starter and place it in the fire pot. Add one piece of hardwood - ideally, a Cook-Air wood puck. Then start your Cook-Air.

The 5-speed fan will create air flow which will feed the fire and generate incredible heat in less than 5 minutes, attaining temperatures over 595°C at maximum power. True meat-searing power!

But with 5 different settings, you can do almost anything from regular grilling to adding a final touch of smoke to foods at the end of their cooking cycle.
• Top quality porcelain coated steel.
• Inner parts made with 304 stainless steel to sustain intense heat.
• Most powerful PORTABLE GRILL on the market.
• Equal to 65,000BTU.
• Reaches temperatures of 595°C.
• Cooking surface: 35cm dia. (3-4 rib-eye steaks).
• SAFE. No explosive fuel or propane.
• ECOLOGICAL. Burns 99.6% of its gases.
• FAST. Ready to cook in 5 minutes.
• Uses WOOD as fuel.
• ADJUSTABLE HEAT, 5-speed fan.
• SMOKES food, too.
• EASY TO CARRY. Weighs less than 8kg.
• Base remains cold. Can be used on most surfaces.
• Take care. Sides and lid will get hot.
• Controller and fan use 8x “D” batteries (c. 20 hours use), or a 240v adaptor, or car adaptor.

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